Yoshizane Maeda

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DNA fingerprints of Japanese quail male and female pure line breeders were obtained with probes 33.6, 33.15, and R18.1 and they yielded a total of 59 scoreable bands. Bandsharing (0 < BS < 1) was(More)
The electrophoretic variation in bovine hemoglobin-beta (HBB) is one of the most investigated genetic markers. The presence of a unique HBB variant, HBB(X), in Southeast Asian cattle has been reputed(More)
Fractional rates (%/day) of degradation of muscle protein were determined by measuring the output of Nτ-methylhistidine (Nτ-MH) in the excreta at 2 and 10 weeks of age in three lines of quail, a(More)