Yoshiyuki Tsuda

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We study how well answer to the question " Is the given quantum state equal to a certain maximally entangled state? " using LOCC, in the context of hypothesis testing. Under several locality and invariance conditions, optimal tests will be derived for several special cases by using basic theory of group representations. Some optimal tests are realized by(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify the effects of smoking on the disposition of two commonly used antipsychotics, olanzapine and clozapine, and to create standards to adjust the doses of these drugs in clinical practice based on the smoking status. DESIGN A meta-analysis was conducted by searching MEDLINE, Scopus and the Cochrane Library for relevant prospective and(More)
For the quantum Gaussian state family, Hayashi proposed a quantum mechanical operation using beam splitters to estimate the location and scale parameters of the P-function, and he showed that it is asymptotically optimal. In this paper, we analyze the effect of disturbance of his operation caused by the randomness of the transparency of the beam splitters.(More)
Unilateral (left eye) optic nerve hypoplasia was detected in a six-month-old male Beagle dog. Vision testing indicated that the left eye had poor vision and testing the pupillary light reflex showed the left eye to have an absence of the afferent pathway of the reflex but it had a normal efferent pathway. Ophthalmoscopy revealed a small-sized optic disc,(More)
Judgment strategies of 169 undergraduate students on problems to judge the contingency between two binary events were identified by the method of rule-based analysis to clarify whether or not the strategies the subjects used would be affected by the concrete nature of the contingency table. Problems were constructed along two factors: total cell frequency(More)