Yoshiyuki Shiga

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An alpha-fetoprotein-producing transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis is extremely rare. To our knowledge, this has not been reported previously. We present the first case of an alpha-fetoprotein-producing transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis in a 70-year-old female.
With the widespread use of imaging modalities, incidentally discovered small renal cell carcinomas have increased. Some patients, however, are too old or weak due to various diseases to undergo surgery and other patients occasionally refuse surgery. To investigate the natural history of small renal cell carcinoma, we retrospectively reviewed patients with(More)
OBJECTIVES The prevalence of transient stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after HoLEP has been reported to be as high as 44%. Anteroposterior dissection HoLEP was newly developed to protect the urethral sphincter and therefore lower the incidence rate of SUI. This study was conducted to determine the SUI incidence rate after anteroposterior dissection HoLEP.(More)
OBJECTIVE To report our initial experience with a novel style of 3-dimensional (3D) printed kidney, which we call "4D" surgical navigation in minimally invasive off-clamp partial nephrectomy (PN). MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten patients with a R.E.N.A.L. nephrometry score ≥8 renal mass underwent minimally invasive off-clamp PN navigated with the aid of a(More)
Considerable epidemiological evidence has indicated a relationship between diet and prostate cancer. Many studies have shown positive associations between dietary fat and prostate cancer, and inverse associations with soybean intake. To prevent prostate cancer, we have tried dietary intervention for patients showing an elevated prostate specific antigen(More)
A 39-year-old woman visited our hospital with a complaint of gross hematuria. Cystoscopy revealed a nodular tumor 3 cm in diameter in the posterior wall of the bladder. A transurethral resection was performed. This initial operation was complicated by unexpected intra-operative high blood pressure and visualization was obscured by bleeding. The histological(More)
Cyclophosphamide is considered to be a bladder carcinogen and there are many reports of secondary bladder cancer, while only a few cases of upper urothelial cancer have been described. A 59-year-old man, who had received cyclophosphamide therapy for malignant lymphoma, was suffering from gross hematuria and consulted our institute. Computerized tomography(More)
A 28-year-old man without tuberous sclerosis, who complained of pollakisuria, consulted to our hospital for a left renal mass. Abdominal computed tomography revealed a solid mass without a lipid component, 10 cm in diameter, in the left kidney and with regional lymphadenopathy. Renal arteriography showed a hypervascular mass, demonstrating multiple tumor(More)
We herein report a case of bilateral testicular germ cell tumor recurring 31 years after right high inguinal orchiectomy. In 2003, a 62-year-old man presented with a mass in the left testis. Ultrasonography demonstrated three hypoechoic mass and microlithiasis of the left testis. Abdominal and breast computed tomography revealed no lymph adenopathy and any(More)
A 50-year-old female, who had been on maintenance hemodialysis for 22 years, consulted our clinic because of a left renal mass detected incidentally by ultrasonography. Computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a solid hypervascular mass, suggesting a renal cell carcinoma (RCC), in the left atrophic kidney. Left hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy (HALN) was(More)