Yoshiyuki Sankai

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For assisting human motion, assistive devices working as muscles would be useful. A robot suit HAL (hybrid assistive limb) has been developed as an assistive device for lower limbs. Human can appropriately produce muscle contraction torque and control joint viscoelasticity by muscle effort such as co-contraction. Thus, to implement functions equivalent to(More)
This paper proposes an algorithm to estimate human intentions related with walking in order to comfortably and safely support a paraplegia patient’s walk. A robot suit “HAL” has been developed for an enhancement of healthy person’s activities and for support of physically challenged person’s daily life. Assisting method based on bioelectrical signals such(More)
We aim to develop the Hybrid Assistive Lims (HAL) in order to enhance and upgrade the human capabilities based on the frontier science Cybernics. Cybernics is a new domain of interdisciplinary research centered on cybernetics, mechatronics, and informatics, and integrates neuroscience, robotics, systems engineering, information technology, “kansei”(More)
This paper describes the power assist control for walking aid based o n E M G and impedance adjustment with HAL-3 we have developed. Virtual Torque derived f rom E M G is adopted as a basic control method, and the motion assist control as to operator’s intention can be realized by this method. And! $ we suggest the impedance adjustment around knee joint for(More)
This paper introduces an exoskeleton assistive hand that supports human hand and wrist activities by using user's bioelectric potential to control the exoskeleton movement. The exoskeleton has three active joints for an index finger, three active joints for combination of a middle finger, a ring finger and a little finger and two active joints for a thumb.(More)
BACKGROUND Robotic devices are expected to be widely used in various applications including support for the independent mobility of the elderly with muscle weakness and people with impaired motor function as well as support for nursing care that involves heavy laborious work. We evaluated the effects of a hybrid assistive limb robot suit on the gait of(More)