Yoshiyuki Nyui

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For physical foundation data used in the shielding calculation of structural facilities such as a radiation room, there are air kerma transmissions concerning the thickness of shielding objects, and half value layers and tenth value layers concerning a greatly attenuated wide X-ray beam. Accordingly, we evaluated the above-mentioned items with a lead-free(More)
Treatment planning for ultrasound-guided transperitoneal I-125 permanent prostatic implants is a time consuming task, because this treatment uses many seeds (e.g. 50-80) and there are many solutions (seed positions) for optimizing the dose distribution. In conventional treatment planning for brachytherapy the locations of sources are usually input into a(More)
Intracranial arteriovenous malformations(AVMs) are composed of native deformed vessels where arteries and veins are directly connected in the absence of capillary vessels, and have a complicated three-dimensional(3D) shape. The purpose of this study was to define precisely the location of AVM areas for stereotactic irradiation. The proposed method used a(More)
BACKGROUND One of the most important factors in stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for intracranial arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is to determine accurate target delineation of the nidus. However, since intracranial AVMs are complicated in structure, it is often difficult to clearly determine the target delineation. PURPOSE To investigate the usefulness(More)
As one type of basic physical data related to the calculation of the construction of X-ray examination room shielding, we investigated the air-kerma rate 1 m from the source of the useful beam focus per unit current time product. Compared to the X-ray energy penetration values obtained in prior research, we obtained higher values. We found three causes for(More)
For security, boards containing lead are commonly used to partition off rooms adjacent to radiation facilities. From the viewpoints of environmental safety and of material recycling during the process of remodeling or repair, however, the trend is toward avoiding the use of lead-containing radiation-protection board. Consequently, we developed a lead-free(More)
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