Yoshiyuki Mihara

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We present the migratory cursor, which is an interactive interface that enables users to move a cursor to any desired position quickly and accurately using voice alone. The migratory cursor combines discrete specification that allows a user to specify a location quickly, but approximately, with continuous specification that allows the user to specify a(More)
We develop an interactive Braille-recognition system using a portable camera for visually impaired persons who cannot read Braille. Our system helps them to find and then push a desired button, as is necessary when using an elevator or a ticket vending machine, for example. It is natural to think that the information provided, in Braille, with specific(More)
We propose a speech-operated cursor that is easy to move to any desired position. Speech-recognition systems are useful for people with physical disabilities, because such systems allow them to manipulate a computer using voice only. However , using traditional speech-recognition systems it is difficult to move the cursor to a desired position. To make it(More)
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