Yoshiyuki Matsumura

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—Parallel processing using graphic processing units (GPUs) have attracted much research interest in recent years. Parallel computation can be applied to genetic algorithms (GAs) in terms of the processes of individuals in a population. This paper describes the implementation of GAs in the compute unified device architecture (CUDA) environment. CUDA is a(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a population-based stochastic optimization algorithm inspired by the social behaviors of bird flocking and fish schooling. Each particle searches for a better solution through interaction with other particles. However, PSO tends to prematurely converge to a local minimum, particularly for large-scale multimodal problems.(More)
This paper empirically investigates the use and behaviour of Evolution Strategies (ES) algorithms on problems such as function optimisation and the use of evolutionary artificial neural networks in evolutionary robotics. Computer simulations are conducted which compare the performance of Classical-ES (CES) and Robust-ES (RES). We show that the performance(More)