Yoshiyuki Maekawa

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BACKGROUND Interrupted aortic arch (IAA) is associated with a multitude of lesions ranging from isolated ventricular septal defect to hypoplastic left ventricle or severe subaortic stenosis (SAS). Left ventricular outflow obstruction such as SAS continues to be an important factor for deciding the surgical procedure between univentricular and biventricular(More)
Cardiobacterium hominis, a member of the HACEK group of organisms, is a rare cause of endocarditis. We report a case of infective endocarditis caused by C. hominis in a male child who had undergone right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) reconstruction using an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene conduit for tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia. Two days(More)
BACKGROUND The choice of appropriate treatment in children with aortic valvular lesions remains controversial. The purpose of this study is to assess early and late outcomes of aortic valve replacement with annular enlargement in children. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted in 16 consecutive patients aged 0.26 to 15.9 years operated on between(More)
The Cabrol technique has been used to reimplant coronary arteries at the time of aortic root replacement. We describe a case of coronary stenosis after Cabrol procedure. A 42-year-old female with Marfan syndrome and chronic type B dissection who underwent aortic root replacement with Cabrol procedure complained of chest pain. Computed tomography( CT) showed(More)
OBJECTIVE The left superior vena cava (LSVC) is often complicated with congenital heart defect. Although we simply clamp LSVC during cardio-pulmonary bypass (CPB), appropriateness of this technique has not been clarified. We noninvasively evaluate cerebral tissue oxygenation while the clamping of LSVC under CPB by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). (More)
A 65-year-old female was admitted to our hospital with mitral regurgitation (MR). Transthoracic echocardiography showed severe mitral valve prolapse and subaortic septal hypertrophy with no pressure gradient. Mitral valve plasty consisted of artificial chorda implantation and ring annuloplasty was performed. During intensive care unit( ICU) stay after(More)
Intermittent androgen deprivation therapy may prolong the duration of androgen dependence of well-differentiated prostate cancer Author(s) Kaneko, Yoshiyuki; Maekawa, Shinya; Arakaki, Ryuichiro; Okada, Yoshiyuki; Terada, Naoki; Nishimura, Kazuo Citation 泌尿器科紀要 (2006), 52(4): 259-264 Issue Date 2006-04 URL http://hdl.handle.net/2433/113834 Right Type(More)
Pneumonia is a major and life-threatening complication after cardiovascular surgery. The objective of our study was to describe epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and risk factors of pneumonia after cardiovascular surgery. From January 2007 to December 2011, 511 consecutive patients (age 67.3±11.9;336 men, 175 women) were enrolled in this study.(More)
A combination of tetralogy of Fallot( TOF) and total anomalous pulmonary venous return(TAPVR) is rare and results in chronic volume and pressure load of the right side of the heart and underfilling of the left heart. We report a successful 2-staged surgical correction of TOF associated with TAPVR and atrial septal defect. The patient was unsuitable for(More)
OBJECTIVES We ranked the haemodynamics and pulmonary artery (PA) configurations of Norwood with bidirectional Glenn shunt (NW-G) patients among the other staged Fontan completion (conventional) patients in this study. METHODS Between August 2001 and April 2010, 91 consecutive patients completed staged Fontan operations. Among them, NW-G was performed in(More)