Yoshiyuki Kotani

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Introduction. According to the analysis of grandmaster-like strategies in Shogi [Iida and Uiterwijk 1993], it is important for a teacher, at the beginning stages of teaching, to intentionally lose an occasional game against a novice opponent, or to play less than optimally in order to give the novice some prospects of winning, without this being noticed by(More)
We describe a corpus-based approach of natural language dialogue system. The characteristic is that all the system's behaviors, like processing and understanding dialogues and generating responses, depend on corpora. As a result, the system can handle any language and any topic. This paper aims to explain the whole architecture and individual technology(More)
— Monte-Carlo method recently has produced good results in Go. Monte-Carlo Go uses a move which has the highest mean value of either winning percentage or final score. In a past research, winning percentage is superior to final score in Monte-Carlo Go. We investigated them in BlokusDuo, which is a relatively new game, and showed that Monte-Carlo using final(More)