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Asymmetry Compensation by Nonlinear Adaptive Partial Response Equalizer for 31.3 GB Blu-ray Disk ROM
We investigated a nonlinear adaptive partial response equalizer for the asymmetry compensation of a 31.3 GB higher linear density Blu-ray disc read only memory (ROM) with a 16% asymmetry. AExpand
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Hybrid Equalized Partial Response Path-Feedback Maximum Likelihood for 35.4 GB Blu-ray Disc ROM
The decoding method with larger margin has been required according to the recent high density optical recordings. Since the optical reproduced signal has a strict cutoff of modulation transferExpand
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Wave Fluctuation with the Passage of a Depression
Ocean waves were observed on board a vessel, when a medium-scale depression passed. A average maximum wind velocity of 20 m/ s and maximum significant wave height of 5.3 m were recorded during theExpand
Study of Interpolated Timing Recovery Phase-Locked Loop with Linearly Constrained Adaptive Prefilter for Higher-Density Optical Disc
A digital phase-locked loop (PLL) with a linearly constrained adaptive filter (LCAF) has been studied for higher-linear-density optical discs. LCAF has been implemented before an interpolated timingExpand
Tracky Notes: Trackable Sticky Notes for Indexing a Video of Meetings
In this study, we propose an automated meeting index system based on people's discussions during daily meetings in the world. Expand