Yoshiyuki Furukawa

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In this paper, we propose a constrained least squares approach for stably computing Laplacian deformation with strict positional constraints. In the existing work on Laplacian deformation, strict positional constraints are described using large values of least squares weights, which often cause numerical problems when Laplacians are described using(More)
In this paper, we present an algorithm of modeling a solid object by defining enlarged-surfaces sequentially in Boundary representation (B-rep) solid models. We describe how our approach can solve current problems of blending in solid models such as terminating-edge-blends, overlap-blends and global-blends. Our approach is based on a simple and robust(More)
This paper proposes an advanced cut-and-paste editing for three-dimensional models. We introduce a new param-eterization technique based on constrained B-spline sur-face/volume fitting. Our cut-and-paste editing is performed on this parameterization. In our method, a parametric volume is generated so that its isoparametric surface fits to the base surface(More)
Interactive mesh editing techniques that preserve discrete differential properties are promising to support the design of mechanical parts such as automobile sheet metal panels. However, existing methods lack the ability to manipulate form-features and hard constraints , which are common in engineering applications. In product design, some regions on a 3D(More)
We demonstrate that a six-site potential model of H 2 O, which we proposed recently, is suitable for simulation works on the crystal growth of ice from water. Using the model, a molecular dynamics simulation of a system including interfaces between the prismatic face of the proton-disordered hexagonal ice and water is carried out at a supercooled state and(More)
We report the measurement and calculation results of a laser beam spot distortion caused by dynamic deformation of a MEMS scanning mirror. The laser beam spot distortion is measured by using the CCD camera located on focal point when an emission timing of the laser beam is synchronized with a motion of the scanning mirror. The calculated distortion is(More)
OBJECTIVE This exploratory trial was performed to determine whether Daikenchuto accelerates recovery of gastrointestinal function in patients undergoing open colectomy for colon cancer. METHODS A total of 386 patients undergoing colectomy at 1 of the 51 clinical trial sites in Japan from January 2009 to June 2011 were registered for the study(More)