Yoshiya Ishioka

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BACKGROUND Mixtures of various local anesthetics, such as lidocaine and ropivacaine, have been widely used. However, their efficacy and safety for scalp nerve blocks and local infiltration during awake craniotomy have not been fully elucidated. METHODS We prospectively investigated 53 patients who underwent awake craniotomy. Scalp block was performed for(More)
Bispectral index (BIS) and auditory evoked potential (AEP) monitoring require the attachment of forehead sensors, posing difficulties when the surgical field involves the forehead. This study analyzed the relationship between BIS values and AEP indices from different sites on the head to establish alternative sensor locations for AEP recording. Thirty(More)
BACKGROUND Accidental puncture of a vertebral artery can occur through the internal jugular vein during central venous catheterization. METHODS We evaluated the anatomical relationships between vertebral arteries and internal jugular veins in one hundred adult patients under general anesthesia using echo image. RESULTS The vertebral artery could be(More)
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