Yoshiya Horii

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In spread spectrum communication systems, it is required to use the spread sequences that have good correlation properties. Complete complementary code is a set of spread sequences, and has ideal auto- and cross-correlation properties. Some previous works have shown that it can be applied into wireless communication systems like approximately synchronized(More)
Digital watermarking technologies with spread spectrum (SS) sequences have been previously proposed. The sequences used in previous studies, however, do not necessarily have good correlation properties. It is known that complete complementary codes have ideal correlation properties and very effective for mobile communication systems like CDMA. In this(More)
It has been shown that complete complementary codes can be applied into some communication systems like approximately synchronized CDMA systems because of its good correlation properties. CT-CDMA is one of the communication systems based on complete complementary codes. In this system, the information data of the multiple users can be transmitted by using(More)
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