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Identification of the Target Protein of Agelasine D, a Marine Sponge Diterpene Alkaloid, as an Anti‐dormant Mycobacterial Substance
Evidence strongly suggests that the BCG3185c protein is the major target of agelasine D, and that the latter is the anti‐mycobacterial substance against dormant bacilli.
Aaptamines, marine spongean alkaloids, as anti-dormant mycobacterial substances
A new aaptamine class alkaloid, designated 2-methoxy-3-oxoaaptamine (1), together with seven known aaptamines (2–8) were isolated from a marine sponge of Aaptos sp. as anti-mycobacterial substances
Potent growth inhibitory activity of (±)-platencin towards multi-drug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
The potent antimycobacterial activity of (±)-platencin is reported, and an overexpression study of the transformants of M. smegmatis revealed that platencin selectively targeted Mt-KasB and modestly inhibited Mt-kasA and Mt-FabH.
Anti-dormant mycobacterial activity and target molecule of melophlins, tetramic acid derivatives isolated from a marine sponge of Melophlus sp.
A new screening system to search for substances with activity against dormant mycobacteria using M. smegmatis and M. bovis BCG and melophlins A, G, H, and I, re-discovered from the Indonesian marine sponge of Melophlus sp.
Stylissamide X (I), a New Proline-Rich Cyclic Octapeptide as an Inhibitor of Cell Migration, from an Indonesian Marine Sponge of Stylissa sp.
In conclusion,olation, structure elucidation and screening of inhibitory activity against migration of HeLa cells is described as a “breakthrough” in the efforts to understand the “why and how” of cell reprograming.
Neamphamide B, New Cyclic Depsipeptide, as an Antidormant Mycobacterial Substance from a Japanese Marine Sponge of Neamphius sp.
The new cyclic depsipeptide neamphamide B is isolated from a marine sponge of Neamphius sp.