Yoshitsugu Nakagawa

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Long-acting dihydropyridine calcium channel blockades have been shown to limit the progression of atherosclerosis and decrease the incidence of cardiovascular events in humans and animals. To investigate the vasoprotective effects beyond the blood pressure-lowering effects of these agents, amlodipine (20 mg/kg/ day) and manidipine (10 mg/kg/day) were(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetocardiography (MCG) is sensitive to minute cardiac electric abnormalities, but its clinical utility in diagnosing ischemic heart disease (IHD) has not been established. The present study examined the usefulness of an integral MCG value of ventricular repolarization in patients with IHD. METHODS AND RESULTS MCG was performed at rest in 14(More)
A patient who had experienced an attack of transient global amnesia (TGA) was examined using neurophysiological methods. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) was performed and the Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised (WMS-R) test was administered at 5 days and at more than a month after the TGA episode. MEG data on neuronal activity obtained while the patient was(More)
Pathological investigation of progressive anterior operculum syndrome has rarely been reported. We describe clinico-pathological findings in a patient with progressive anterior operculum syndrome. A 74-year-old right-handed man had noticed speech and swallowing difficulties 1 year previously. Neurological examinations showed no abnormality other than a(More)
A sulfonated aromatic block copolymer (SABC), consisting of hydrophobic and hydrophilic blocks, was analyzed by heteronuclear single-quantum correlation (HSQC), heteronuclear multiple-bond correlation (HMBC) and HSQC total correlation spectroscopy (HSQC–TOCSY). Because of its complicated chemical structure with five different phenylene rings, 12 types of 1H(More)
We report a 68-year-old right-handed Japanese woman who had a history of progressive difficulty in understanding speech and naming. Neuropsychological examination presented Gogi (word meaning) aphasia and impairment of semantic memory for some common objects. She also presented acalculia and mild constructional impairment. There was no evidence of(More)
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