Yoshitsugu Inoue

Dai Miyazaki4
Kazuki Matsuura3
Chuan-Hui Kuo3
Takeshi Tominaga3
Hiroko Sonoyama2
4Dai Miyazaki
3Kazuki Matsuura
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In this paper we describe the architecture of the 3D graphics LSI core for mobile phone "Z3D". The major 3D graphics applications on mobile phones are character animation and games. While a character animation or a game is running, the CPU has to be used for the communication to the center machine and CPU clock frequency is low. Therefore, the requirement(More)
PURPOSE To identify the genes that can differentiate primary from recurrent pterygia. METHODS The transcriptional differences of primary and recurrent pterygia were first determined by microarray analyses. Computational analyses were used to extract the biological significance of the genes accurately, and a significant functional classification of the(More)
PURPOSE Traumatic optic neuropathy often induces a loss of vision that proceeds rapidly within several hours, together with retinal ganglion cell death, in a much slower time course. Electrical stimulation has previously been shown to rescue injured retinal ganglion cells from cell death. The present study tests whether transcorneal electrical stimulation(More)
PURPOSE To determine the contribution of conjunctival mast cells to the allergen-specific inflammatory responses in eyes with allergic conjunctivitis and to test the hypothesis that mast cells act as mediators of the early phase response. METHODS The participation of mast cells in allergen-induced inflammatory cell recruitment was studied in an(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess the risk of intraocular contamination caused by intraocular lens (IOL) insertion with injectors by observing the dynamics of an ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD). METHODS Each type of injector was equipped with a colored OVD and IOL, and a 2 mm length from the tip of the cartridge was replaced with a(More)
PURPOSE To elucidate Japanese trends for perioperative disinfection and antibiotic selection during cataract surgeries. METHODS Perioperative iodine use and antibiotic prophylaxis for cataract surgery were surveyed in eight regions in Japan by mail or through interviews from February 1 to March 1, 2014. RESULTS We surveyed 572 surgeons, of whom 386(More)
PURPOSE To report the isolation of Pestalotiopsis clavispora from the cornea of a patient with recurrent keratitis. CASE REPORT A 73-year-old male gardener presented with conjunctival injection and an oval infiltrate with feathery margins in the temporal half of the cornea in the right eye. His ocular history in the right eye included cataract surgery,(More)
Clinical findings and treatment of keratomycosis caused by Beauveria bassiana, an entomopathogenic filamentous fungus, are described for an 80-year-old woman, who was referred to the hospital for ocular pain and redness on the 9th day after an ocular injury caused by the frame of her glasses. She had a long history of recurrent diabetic iritis and(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the transcriptome of allergic conjunctivitis mediated by eosinophil-related chemokine receptor CCR3 and to identify a candidate for possible therapeutic intervention in eosinophilic inflammation of the eye. METHODS Mice were sensitized to ragweed pollen, and allergic conjunctivitis was induced by an allergen challenge. The(More)