Yoshito Mekada

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Wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) is a new clinical technology permitting visualization of the small bowel, the most difficult segment of the digestive tract. The major drawback of this technology is the excessive amount of time required for video diagnosis. We therefore propose a method for generating smaller videos by detecting informative frames from(More)
We propose a weather recognition method from in-vehicle camera images that uses a subspace method to judge rainy weather by detecting raindrops on the windshield. "Eigendrops" represent the principal components extracted from raindrop images in the learning stage. Then the method detects raindrops by template matching. In experiments using actual video(More)
Using appropriate training data is necessary to robustly recognize low-resolution characters by the subspace method. Former learning methods used characters actually captured by a camera, which required the collection of characters of all categories in various conditions. In this paper, we propose a new learning method that generates training data by a(More)
We propose a visibility estimation method for traffic signs as part of work for realization of nuisance-free driving safety support systems. Recently, the number of driving safety support systems in a car has been increasing. As a result, it is becoming important to select appropriate information from them for safe and comfortable driving because too much(More)
We propose a method to recognize the visibility of traffic signals from a driver's perspective. The more that driver assistance systems are equipped for practical use, the more information that is being provided for drivers. So each information provision system should select appropriate information based on the situation. Our goal is to realize a system(More)
! . p Figure 1: Calculation of Concentration Index Abstract: Concentration index filter is a kind of spatial filters of images, and its typical application is diagnosis from medical images. This paper presents a dedicated computing engine for concentration index filtering. Original algorithm is modified to extract full parallelism and data width is(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to classify pulmonary artery and vein in chest X-ray CT images automatically. When a doctor discriminates between benign or malignant of lung tumors, kind of pulmonary blood vessels which are involved in tumors is very important. However there is no difference on CT values. So it is difficult to classify vessels based on(More)
Despite emerging technology, wireless capsule endoscopy needs high amount of diagnosis-time due to the presence of many useless frames, created by turbid fluids, foods, and faecal materials. These materials and fluids present a wide range of colors and/or bubble-like texture patterns. We, therefore, propose a cascade method for informative frame detection,(More)
We propose a method for construction of a cascaded traffic sign detector. Viola et al. have proposed a robust and extremely rapid object detection method based on a boosted cascade of simple feature classifiers. To obtain a high detection accuracy in real environment, it is necessary to train the classifier with a set of learning images which contain(More)