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Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) are multifunctional enzymes involved in the protection of cellular components against anti-cancer drugs or peroxidative stress. Previously we found that GST pi, an isoform of the GSTs, is transported into the nucleus. In the present study, we found that GST pi is present in mitochondria as well as in the cytosol and nucleus(More)
C-Mannosylation is a unique type of glycosylation occurring at the first Trp (W) in the WXXW motif, which is found in the thrombospondin type 1 repeat (TSR) of proteins. However, the biological function of C-mannosylation is not fully understood. In this study, we investigated the effect of C-mannosylated TSR-derived peptides on lipopolysaccharide(More)
The thrombospondin type 1 repeat (TSR) is a functional module of proteins called TSR superfamily proteins (e.g., thrombospondin, F-spondin, mindin, etc.) and includes a conserved Trp-x-x-Trp (W-x-x-W) motif, in which the first Trp residue is preferably modified by C-mannosylation. We previously reported that synthesized C-mannosylated TSR-derived peptides(More)
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