Yoshitetsu Oshiro

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The purpose of this study was to elucidate the central processing of painful mechanical stimulation to muscle and bone by measuring blood oxygen level-dependent signal changes using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Twelve healthy volunteers were enrolled. Mechanical pressure on muscle and bone were applied at the right lower leg by an(More)
This paper describes an ultrasonic image synthesis in Fourier transform for visualizing a human brain image under a skull. We employ two ultrasonic array probes with the center frequency of 1.0MHz and 0.5MHz. We perform the experiment with a cow scapula as a skull and a steel sulcus as a lateral cerebral sulcus. We propose two methods to synthesize the(More)
This paper describes human brain ultrasound-mediated diagnosis in emergency medicine and home health care. The ultrasonic equipment has many advantages, for example, the very simple operation to touch to the body surface diagnosis enables real-time visual recognition for heart beat and unborn baby moving, and so on. The ultrasonic diagnosis is safety to(More)
This paper describes an analysis method of most suitable rasp for the patients by using the ultrasonic system. In it, we employ the single ultrasonic probe. At first, we make a knock to the upper point of the rasp inserted with a hammer which has the trigger signals. By using the knocking signals, we measured the acoustic signals. An ultrasonic probe for(More)
This paper describes a fuzzy estimation system on gait independence level by footprint dynamics. We use a load distribution sensor and obtain a sole pressure distribution from ten inpatients. From that date, we extract feature values of gait. We make fuzzy membership functions from those values and calculate fuzzy degree for each feature value. We calculate(More)
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