Yoshitami Hashimoto

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Recruitment of DNA polymerases onto replication origins is a crucial step in the assembly of eukaryotic replication machinery. A previous study in budding yeast suggests that Dpb11 controls the recruitment of DNA polymerases alpha and epsilon onto the origins. Sld2 is an essential replication protein that interacts with Dpb11, but no metazoan homolog has(More)
Fission yeast Cut5/Rad4 and its budding yeast homolog Dpb11 are required for both DNA replication and the S-phase checkpoint. Here, we have investigated the role of the Xenopus homolog of Cut5 in the initiation of DNA replication using Xenopus egg extracts. Xenopus Cut5, which shows sequence similarity to DmMus101 and HsTopBP1, is essential for DNA(More)
We have identified Xenopus homologs of the budding yeast Sld5 and its three interacting proteins. These form a novel complex essential for the initiation of DNA replication in Xenopus egg extracts. The complex binds to chromatin in a manner dependent on replication licensing and S-phase CDK. The chromatin binding of the complex and that of Cdc45 are(More)
ATR-dependent activation of the kinase Chk1 is the initial step in signal transduction in the DNA replication checkpoint, which allows a cell to enter mitosis only after the completion of DNA replication. TopBP1-related proteins in higher eukaryotes are implicated in the replication checkpoint, but their exact role remains elusive because of their(More)
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