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The role of Rad51 in an unperturbed cell cycle has been difficult to distinguish from its DNA repair function. Here, using EM to visualize replication intermediates assembled in Xenopus laevis egg extract, we show that Rad51 is required to prevent the accumulation of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) gaps at replication forks and behind them. ssDNA gaps at forks(More)
In order to assess the working hypothesis that schizophrenia may be viewed as a nonlinear dynamical disease, we examined the long-term psychoticity dynamics of 14 patients. The data consist of daily ratings of psychopathology observed for 200 or more consecutive days in each patient. We implemented nonlinear dynamical analysis methods with a potential of(More)
In higher eukaryotes, the dynamics of replisome components during fork collapse and restart are poorly understood. Here we have reconstituted replication fork collapse and restart by inducing single-strand DNA lesions that create a double-strand break in one of the replicated sister chromatids after fork passage. We found that, upon fork collapse, the(More)
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