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The effects of bile duct ligation on biliary excretion of bile acids, glutathione, and lipids were studied in the rat. The bile duct of the rat was ligated for three days. The biliary bile acid excretion after bile duct cannulation was higher at first, but after 90 min became lower than that in the control rat. The bile flow in the bile duct-ligated rat was(More)
The activity of lysyl oxidase was found in egg shell membrane (ESM) of hens. The activity was determined by measuring the enzymatic conversion of n-butylamine and Nalpha-acetyl-L-lysine to n-butyraldehyde and Nalpha-acetyl-L-allysine, respectively. ESM lysyl oxidase was significantly inhibited by beta-aminopropionitrile, chelating agents, and deoxygenation,(More)
Oxidative DNA damage in peripheral white blood cell of smokers were estimated in accordance with the levels of 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) in nuclear DNA and the antioxidant status of these smokers' plasma was investigated in terms of the ex vivo oxidation resistance of plasma. In a survey of 12 smokers (4 women) aged 22 to 48, the mean level of 8-OHdG(More)
The effects of diabetes on the vitamin A metabolism were studied. The concentrations of plasma retinol and retinyl ester were measured in diabetic patients using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). In diabetic patients, the mean level of retinyl ester was significantly elevated compared to that of normal subjects (diabetes, 68.3 +/- 42.5 IU/100(More)
The concentrations of plasma glucose, lactate and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK) (EC were studied in caesarian-delivered newborn rats of diabetic mothers (IDM) and normal mothers, at time-intervals up to 6 hr after delivery. Glucose concentrations in plasma of cord blood of IDM were significantly higher than those in normal newborn(More)
Autolysis of squid liver and mantle muscle homogenates, and blends of both, each yielded inhibitory activity toward the angiotensin I-converting enzyme. The inhibitory activity and the amount of solubilized protein in each of these autolysates were examined over a period of 24 h. Inhibitory peptides were isolated from the mixed autolysate, their structures(More)
Hepatic and diaphragmatic hexokinase (HK) activities increased in fetuses of rats developed under maternal hyperglycemic conditions, compared to those in normal controls. In those organs, Type I and Type II hexokinase isozymes were detected by electrophoresis and densitometry with a chromatoscanner. Densitometric peak that corresponded to hepatic and(More)
Studies were conducted to isolate rat plasma retinol-binding protein, the specific transport protein for vitamin A in the rat. Retinol-binding protein was isolated from rat plasma by a new simple procedure using Blue Sepharose CL-6B, and highly purified retinol-binding protein was obtained. This procedure included DEAE-cellulose chromatography at pH 6.0,(More)
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