Yoshitaka Shimada

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INTRODUCTION Liver cavernous hemangioma is the most common noncystic hepatic lesion, and a hemangioma that undergoes degeneration and fibrous replacement is called a hepatic sclerosed hemangioma. CASE PRESENTATION A 63-year-old Japanese man was admitted for detailed investigation of a liver tumor. Tumor markers carcinoembryonic antigen, alpha-fetoprotein,(More)
The adaptive structure and functional changes of the actin cytoskeleton are induced by its mechanical behavior at various temporal and spatial scales. In particular, the mechanical behaviors at different scales play important roles in the mechanical functions of various cells, and these multiscale phenomena require clarification. To establish a milestone(More)
A mechanochemical relationship between intracellular flow fields of actin and remodeling of actin filaments is important to the realization of cell motility. In this study, to investigate this mechanochemical relationship, we present a mathematical model describing motions of actin filament and remodeling of the filaments in shear flows. We perform(More)
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