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To clarify the exact anatomic relationship of electrically identified hand areas to the central sulcus, we constructed cortical surface renderings of magnetic resonance images (MRI) to locate the central sulcus accurately and measured the distances of stimulated points from the central sulcus and the Sylvian fissure. We obtained hand responses in 33(More)
Lectin-binding patterns in the accessory olfactory bulb (AOB) of the golden hamster were investigated histochemically with 21 biotinylated lectins. The AOB was divided into rostral and caudal halves according to binding patterns of 16 lectins, WGA, s-WGA, LEL, STL, DSL, BSL-II, DBA, SBA, BSL-I, VVA, SJA, PNA, ECL, UEA-I, Con A and PSA. The caudal half of(More)
The effects of leukotrienes C4 (LTC4) and D4 (LTD4) on the secretion by human bronchial mucosa of [14C]glucosamine-labeled, trichloro-acetic acid/phosphotungstic acid-precipitable glycoprotein and lysozyme were evaluated in vitro. LTC4 and LTD4, in the concentration range of 0.16 to 1600 nM, induced a dose-related increase in the release of radiolabeled(More)
Corpus callosotomy is a well established procedure for the treatment of intractable epilepsy. However, this is the first clinical report of surgical division of the corpus callosum in Japan. Four patients with refractory seizures suffering from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome underwent anterior partial corpus callosotomy. Their seizures consisted of absences,(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is a major risk factor for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. Flavonoids are effective antioxidants that protect against these chronic diseases. In this study, we evaluated the effects of sudachitin, a polymethoxylated flavonoid found in the skin of the Citrus sudachi fruit, on glucose, lipid, and energy metabolism in mice(More)
The izumi shrimp (Plesionika izumiae Omori, 1971) is an unused resource which can be caught off the southern coast of Tokushima Prefecture. We have previously found that an izumi shrimp hydrolysate significantly inhibited the age-associated spontaneous increase in blood pressure in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats. In this present study, two(More)
Although osteoma of the paranasal sinus is comparatively common, involvement of the sphenoidal sinus region is extremely rare. Lame reported that a total of twelve cases had been described in the European literature since 1800. Mikaelin, Kulczynski and Dolan, since then, described three cases. This paper deals with two surgical cases of sphenoidal sinus(More)
To examine the mechanism of tissue damage which causes bronchiolectasis in diffuse panbronchiolitis (DPB), the cellular components, elastase and its main inhibitor, alpha 1-protease inhibitor (alpha 1-PI) were measured in bronchoalveolar and bronchial lavage fluid (BALF and BLF) from 14 DPB patients. A predominant increase in the neutrophil count was(More)
The concentrations of purine catabolites in the cerebral interstitial fluid during progression of and recovery from ischemia were studied using brain microdialysis and high-performance liquid chromatography. Sealed 0.5-mm hollow dialysis fibers were stereotactically implanted into either the cerebral cortex or hippocampus of ketamine anesthetized gerbils(More)