Yoshitada Yajima

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UNLABELLED Caucasian type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria (MA) or overt nephropathy (ON) show greater heterogeneity of renal lesions than type 1 diabetic patients. We examined whether a similar situation exists in 30 Japanese type 2 diabetic patients [21 male, age 48 +/- (SD) 8 years, known duration 11 +/- (SD) 8 years] without definable renal(More)
e15141 Background: The effects of chemotherapeutic agents are understood to be regulated by many factors including tumor factors such as sensitivity to drugs and host factors. Among these host factors, nutritional conditions and immune function of cancer-bearing host has been told to relate the effects of chemotherapy, however, it has not been clarified(More)
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