Yoshisuke Tateyama

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In this study, super high-definition immersive visual data mining environment using 4K stereo projector was developed. In this system, data can be represented with high accuracy in the three-dimensional space using the super high-definition stereo images, and the user can recognize the relation among several kinds of data by integrating them in the(More)
People should feel more immersive and act realistically when the backgrounds of virtual reality system are more similar to real world. If we surround users by the real images panoramic imaging in CAVE, we can make more realistic environment. We make the panoramic images from the real environment using a digital camera and a panoramic tripod head and apply(More)
In this paper, the panoramic stereo images are produced from the real environment using a digital camera and a panoramic tripod head. And they are applied to the CAVE system as panoramic stereo background to increase user's immersion. The images for left and right eye are taken and stitched separately for stereo imaging. Finally the stereo backgrounds are(More)
To investigate how aged drivers can drive more safely, we are developing an immersive virtual driving environment. It consists of precise force feedback steering system device, dynamics simulation software and the K-Cave. Using OpenCABIN library system, an accidental scenario is actualized as a combination of small VR applications.
Recently, the quantity of accessible data continues increasing, and the importance of data mining is also increasing. On the other hand, highly developed computing facility enabled visual data mining in immersive environment. Visualization has an important role in current data mining, and the rapid progress on visualization devices, such as super high(More)
Though most digital signage systems attracted users' attention when they were installed, they have not been used effectively as time passed. In this study, push type digital signage system that identifies the user who walks in front of it and displays personalized information to the user was developed. In this system, the method of detecting the MAC address(More)
In this paper, an unaffected interface for an immersive virtual reality environment using the motion templates method was proposed. We made background model with real photographs. The panoramic images were constructed using these photographs from real environment and texture-mapped to virtual sphere surround CAVE. As a user interface for this background(More)
In this study, digital guide map that uses the tiled display wall was constructed. In the digital guide map used in the shopping mall or shopping street, it is necessary to present the suitable information to the users who visit there without definite purposes. This study aims at constructing the effective digital guide map by combining the functions of(More)