Yoshiro Yamamoto

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Although Cryptococcus gattii can cause life-threatening complications, putative virulence factors of C. gattii remain controversial. Therefore, we conducted the present study to elucidate the virulence factors of the yeast and found that the mortality rate of mice infected with C. gattii R265 was significantly higher than that of those infected with C.(More)
Gastric carcinoma remains the second commonest cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Presence of the carcinoma cell in the pulmonary artery is serious condition that might cause remodeling of the pulmonary artery. The present study conducted detailed histopathological analyses to elucidate how gastric carcinoma cells may affect the structure and hemodynamics of(More)
We have developed a wavelength division bidirectional transcutaneous optical data transmission system using amplitude shift keying (ASK) modulation. The bidirectional optical data transmission system consists of two kinds of light emitting diodes (LEDs) having different wavelengths and an ASK modulator and demodulator. Two narrow directional visible LEDs(More)
To determine useful factors when selecting an appropriate procedure for noninvasive ampullary neoplasia, we investigated the relationship between the location and the histomorphological/immunohistochemical characteristics of 56 noninvasive ampullary neoplasms obtained by endoscopic papillectomy (EP). All subjects were classified according to histomorphology(More)
The multivariate analogue of the one sided test derived in Kud^ o 1963 is considered. A handy method of computing the test statistic and its signiicance probability is given. The method is based on applying sweep out operations on a certain matrix in a systematic manner and applying the Fortran subroutine of Sun 1988.
Flow visualization analysis was applied to the Baylor/Miwatec centrifugal artificial heart to evaluate its fluid dynamic characteristics regarding antithrombogenicity. An eccentric vortex was found both in the upper and the lower gaps of the impeller, which is supposed to be caused by the eccentric inlet port. Therefore, one-way flow toward the outlet is(More)
A lipophilic hollow-fiber membrane preparation that was previously described for glucuronidation and sulfation reactions was used for the enzymatic oxidation of sulfides. Endogenous and exogenous toxins in buffer solution or in serum or blood of intoxicated animals were circulated through the internal lumen of lipophilic hollow fibers. Native liver(More)
1. Data-oriented statistical system The authors have developed a web-based statistics system (mainly for educational use) that archives data sets and the corresponding analysis stories and allows statistical analysis to be performed directly on these data sets on the web. The analysis story, which is a kind of document or record that describes the actual(More)
A centrifugal blood pump with a double pivot impeller and an eccentric inlet port is being developed as an implantable artificial heart by the Baylor College of Medicine and Miwatec Co. Ltd. Flow visualization measurements were conducted to compare the flow around the pivot for two impeller operational modes: the top and the bottom contact modes. In the top(More)