Yoshiro Takahashi

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We report the observation of a Bose-Einstein condensation of ytterbium atoms by evaporative cooling in a novel crossed optical trap. Unlike the previously observed condensates, a ytterbium condensate is a two-electron system in a singlet state and has distinct features such as the extremely narrow intercombination transitions which are ideal for future(More)
It is proposed that in s-wave superfluids of cold fermionic atoms with laser-field-generated effective spin-orbit interactions, a topological phase with gapless edge states and Majorana fermion quasiparticles obeying non-Abelian statistics is realized in the case with a large Zeeman magnetic field. Our scenario provides a promising approach to the(More)
Evaporative cooling was performed to cool fermionic 173Yb atoms in a crossed optical dipole trap. The large elastic collision rate leads to efficient evaporation and we have successfully cooled the atoms to 0.37+/-0.06 of the Fermi temperature, that is to say, to a quantum degenerate regime. In this regime, a plunge of evaporation efficiency was observed as(More)
We present measurements of the spin and orbital magnetic moments of Fe3O4 by using SQUID and magnetic circular dichroism in soft x-ray absorption. The measurements show that Fe3O4 has a noninteger spin moment, in contrast to its predicted half-metallic feature. Fe3O4 also exhibits a large unquenched orbital moment. Calculations using the local density(More)
We realize simultaneous quantum degeneracy in mixtures consisting of the alkali and alkaline-earth-like atoms Li and Yb. This is accomplished within an optical trap by sympathetic cooling of the fermionic isotope ⁶Li with evaporatively cooled bosonic ¹⁷⁴Yb and, separately, fermionic ¹⁷³Yb. Using cross-thermalization studies, we also measure the elastic(More)
We demonstrate submicron spatial control of interatomic interactions in a Bose-Einstein condensate of ytterbium (Yb). A pulsed optical standing wave, tuned near an optical Feshbach resonance, varies the s-wave scattering length continuously across the standing wave pattern. The modulated mean-field energy with a spatial period every 278 nm is monitored by a(More)
Although kinetic energy of a massive particle generally has quadratic dependence on its momentum, a flat, dispersionless energy band is realized in crystals with specific lattice structures. Such macroscopic degeneracy causes the emergence of localized eigenstates and has been a key concept in the context of itinerant ferromagnetism. We report the(More)
We report successful manipulation of nonclassical atomic spin states. We apply an off-resonant noncircularly-polarized light pulse to a measurement-induced squeezed spin state of a cold atomic ensemble. By changing the pulse duration, we clearly observe a rotation of the anisotropic quantum-noise distribution in good contrast with the case of manipulation(More)
We report the realization of a novel degenerate Fermi mixture with an SU(2)×SU(6) symmetry in a cold atomic gas. We successfully cool the mixture of the two fermionic isotopes of ytterbium 171Yb with the nuclear spin I=1/2 and 173Yb with I=5/2 below the Fermi temperature T_{F} as 0.46TF for 171Yb and 0.54TF for 173Yb. The same scattering lengths for(More)
We demonstrate unconditional quantum-noise suppression in a collective spin system via feedback control based on quantum nondemolition measurement. We perform shot-noise limited collective spin measurements on an ensemble of 3.7×10(5) laser-cooled (171)Yb atoms in their spin-1/2 ground states. Correlation between two sequential quantum nondemolition(More)