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Spin-singlet Bose-Einstein condensation of two-electron atoms.
The observation of a Bose-Einstein condensation of ytterbium atoms by evaporative cooling in a novel crossed optical trap is reported, which confirms the existence of the novel metastable triplet states generated by optical excitation from the singlet state.
Topological Thouless pumping of ultracold fermions
Charge transport in a cyclically time-modulated periodic potential, also known as a topological Thouless pump, has been realized in an ultracold gas of fermionic atoms. An electron gas in a
Coherent driving and freezing of bosonic matter wave in an optical Lieb lattice
This work reports the realization of a “Lieb lattice” configuration with an optical lattice, which has a flat energy band as the first excited state, and investigates the inter-sublattice dynamics of the system by projecting the sublattices population onto the band population.
Magneto-optical trapping of Yb atoms using an intercombination transition
We report the magneto-optical trapping of ytterbium atoms using the ${6s}^{2}{}^{1}{S}_{0}\ensuremath{-}6s6p{}^{3}{P}_{1}$ intercombination transition. The magneto-optical trap is continuously loaded
Non-Abelian topological order in s-wave superfluids of ultracold fermionic atoms.
This scenario provides a promising approach to the realization of quantum computation based on the manipulation of non-Abelian anyons via an s-wave Feshbach resonance.
Degenerate Fermi gases of ytterbium.
Evaporative cooling was performed to cool fermionic 173Yb atoms in a crossed optical dipole trap and a plunge of evaporation efficiency was observed as a result of Fermi degeneracy.
Non-Abelian Topological Orders and Majorana Fermions in Spin-Singlet Superconductors
The non-Abelian topological order for superconductors is characterized by the existence of zero-energy Majorana fermions in edges of systems and in a vortex of a macroscopic condensate, which obey
Two-color photoassociation spectroscopy of ytterbium atoms and the precise determinations of s -wave scattering lengths
By performing high-resolution two-color photoassociation spectroscopy, we have successfully determined the binding energies of several of the last bound states of the homonuclear dimers of six
Quantum degenerate mixtures of alkali and alkaline-earth-like atoms.
We realize simultaneous quantum degeneracy in mixtures consisting of the alkali and alkaline-earth-like atoms Li and Yb. This is accomplished within an optical trap by sympathetic cooling of the
An ytterbium quantum gas microscope with narrow-line laser cooling
We demonstrate site-resolved imaging of individual bosonic $^{174}\mathrm{Yb}$ atoms in a Hubbard-regime two-dimensional optical lattice with a short lattice constant of 266 nm. To suppress the