Yoshiro Sugano

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Shootball is a goal-based ball game played in a field surrounded by 4 screens linked to each other. The game uses a ball with an embedded wireless sensor. In shootball, players are given the ability to move the location of the goal on will. Various attack patterns for multi-directions can be performed by effectively utilizing this mechanic. In enjoying the(More)
Shootball is a new sport in ubiquitous computing. This game is playing with tangible ball that could control movies displayed in surrounding screens. This game is team sport played between two teams of 3 players each. The object of the game is to score by displaying movies of own team by throwing the ball at surrounding screens.
The social occasion such as a party should be a place, which we can not only communicate directly, but also enjoy them by feeling the atmosphere of the place.The participants of the party can enjoy them by just being at the site, and listening to the conversation of other people around.A person who is not good at talking to someone new tends to wait for(More)
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