Yoshiro Sasaki

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A rare case of a 6-year-old male with idiopathic familial cardiomyopathy manifesting severely restrictive physiology is reported. The patient showed congestive heart failure with dilatation of both atria with a normal ventricular cavity. A square-root configuration was revealed in the ventricular pressure tracings. His elder brother had died of hypertrophic(More)
  • Y Sasaki
  • Nihon Jibiinkoka Gakkai kaiho
  • 1995
The mechanisms of formation of the "open" and "closed" types of residual cholesteatoma were investigated in guinea pigs. An autogenous free skin graft taken from the posterior auricle (2x2mm, full-thickness) was transplanted into the dorsal otic bulla. In the left ear, a graft was placed on the bony surface following removal of the mucous membrane and(More)
We report a case of early congenital syphilis in which the placenta showed diffuse proliferative villitis andTreponema pallidum was identified by indirect immunoperoxidase stain in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded placental tissue. This is the first report demonstratingT. pallidum in placental tissue using an immunohistochemical method.
During a period of six years, eleven cases, (involving sixteen ears), of osteomyelitis temporalis chronica (otitis media in the broad sense) with cholesterin granuloma, accompanied by experimented studies of cholesterin granuloma in the tympanic cavity of rabbits were reported. Cholesterin granuloma appeared in the tympanic cavity of the rabbits after(More)
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