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The number of malware is increasing rapidly and a lot of malware use stealth techniques such as encryption to evade pattern matching detection by anti-virus software. To resolve the problem, behavior based detection method which focuses on malicious behaviors of malware have been researched. Although they can detect unknown and encrypted malware, they(More)
The objective of creating malicious software (i.e., malware), intruding computers and conducting malicious activities is shifted from showing off attacker's computer skills to earning money. Thus, recent attackers take more sophisticated and effective malware infection ways such as malware infection via malicious Web sites as well as the traditional(More)
Dark net monitoring is an effective method to analyze malicious activities on networks including the Internet. Since there is no legitimate host on darknets, traffic sent to such a space is considered to be malicious. There are two major issues for dark net monitoring: how to prepare unused address space and how to configure network sensors deployed on the(More)
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