Yoshio Tsuji

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PURPOSE To clarify the relation between quantitative electroencephalogram (EEG) findings and outcome following corpus callosotomy (CC). METHODS The degree of bilateral synchrony and morphologic similarity of spike-wave discharges was analyzed by using a cross-correlation analysis and the measurements of amplitude differences between bilateral homologous(More)
We tested Banich's hypothesis that the benefits of bihemispheric processing were enhanced as task complexity increased, when some procedural shortcomings in the previous studies were overcome by using Japanese Kana script-matching tasks. In Exp. 1, the 20 right-handed subjects were given the Physical-Identity task (Katakana-Katakana scripts matching) and(More)
The heart rate variability, modulated by autonomic nervous system, has been reported to decrease in depression of the central nervous system, especially of the brainstem. To assess the brainstem dysfunction, we analyzed R-R interval values (the intervals between R waves of ECG) in 9 children (7 in comatose children and 2 in central apnea) by spectral(More)
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