Yoshio Okumura

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At Rochester Institute of Technology, a research program is near completion aimed at benchmarking the quality of direct digital imaging of cultural heritage in American museums, libraries, and similar institutions. The current practice at nearly all institutions surveyed includes visual editing. Digital masters incorporate camera spatial processing,(More)
Spectral imaging has been widely developed over the last ten years for archiving cultural heritage. It can retrieve spectral reflectance of each scene pixel and provide the possibility to render images for any viewing condition. A new spectral reconstruction method, the matrix R method, can achieve high spectral and colorimetric accuracies simultaneously(More)
We would like to invite the CLIVAR community to submit CLIVAR related papers to CLIVAR Exchanges for the next issue. The deadline for submission is 31st August 2008 Guidelines for the submission of papers for CLIVAR Exchanges can be found CLIVAR is an international research programme dealing with climate variability and predictability on timescales from(More)
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