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The frequency of occurrence, location and course of the branch of the singular nerve in the otic capsule in man was investigated by examining the histological sections of 223 human temporal bones. In the proximal portion near the internal auditory meatus the branch of the singular nerve was observed in 194 bones (87%), and was seen to join the main trunk of(More)
The prevalence, location, and size of the crista neglecta in man were investigated by examining the histological sections of 223 human temporal bones (137 cases). The relationship between the crista neglecta and the singular nerve was also described. The crista neglecta was observed in 17 cases, ranging in age from 15-week fetal life to 76 years. This(More)
BACKGROUND Mycobacterium xenopi-infected patients have a high prevalence of pulmonary cavities and nodules. However, the clinical course for patients with miliary nodules due to M. xenopi has not yet been reported. CASE PRESENTATION We encountered a case of miliary nodules with gradually worsening coughing and sputum production in a 44-year-old male who(More)
BACKGROUND Early postpartum women are more likely to develop tuberculosis than nonpregnant women mainly due to immune reconstitution after delivery. Paradoxical response (PR) during antituberculosis treatment also arises via recovery from immunosuppression. However, no study focused on PR during antituberculosis treatment in a postpartum patient has been(More)
We here report a rare case of a patient with IgD-lambda-positive multiple myeloma presenting with FDG-PET/CT negative bone marrow involvement. A 72-year-old man was admitted to our hospital for evaluation of a paravertebral tumor of the chest. Thoracotomy was performed and a histopathological evaluation of resected intrathoracic tumor demonstrated a(More)
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