Yoshio Ohno

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SUMMARY This paper presents a method for lossy compression of digital video data by parametric line and Natural cubic spline approximation. The method estimates the variation of pixel values in the temporal dimension by taking group of pixels together as keyblocks and interpolating them in Euclidean space. Break and fit criterion is used to minimize the(More)
This paper presents a new hybrid scheme for image data compression using quadtree decomposition and para-metric line fitting. In the first phase of encoding, the input image is partitioned into quadrants using quadtree decomposition. To prevent from very small quadrants, a constraint of minimal block size is imposed during quadtree decomposition.(More)
In this paper, we propose a framework of " fractal deformation " using displacement vectors based on " extended Iterated Shuffle Transformation (ext-IST) ". An ext-unit-IST is a one-to-one and onto mapping that is extended from a unit-IST, which we have proposed, and is basically defined on a code space. When the mapping is applied on a geometric space, a(More)
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