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We propose a web-based training system and courseware for advanced computer graphics for undergraduate students. By using the system, the students have no temporal and spatial limitations for learning computer graphics technologies. Once they can connect to the Internet, they can study for as much time as they wish and in any place. We have designed more(More)
Physiological parameters were studied over 4.5 months in normal high-school girls. One group frequently practised autogenic training (AT) whereas the other (control) did not. After 4.5 months the physiology of the AT, but not the control group had changed to some extent. The mean increase in finger skin temperature in the final session was significantly(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents an algorithm that automatically generates outline fonts from a grey-level image of a character obtained by a scanner. Our algorithm begins by extracting contour points from the image and dividing the points into a number of segments at the corner points. The next step is fitting a piecewise cubic Bézier curve to each segment. To(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents a method for lossy compression of digital video data by parametric line and Natural cubic spline approximation. The method estimates the variation of pixel values in the temporal dimension by taking group of pixels together as keyblocks and interpolating them in Euclidean space. Break and fit criterion is used to minimize the(More)
Primary small-cell carcinoma arising from the bladder (SmCCB) is uncommon. It differs from urothelial carcinoma (UC), the most common type of bladder cancer, with respect to its cell of origin, biology, and prognosis. Biologically, prostatic SmCCB is much more aggressive than UC, and the prognosis for cases with distant metastasis is especially poor. We(More)