Yoshio Naomoto

Tatsuo Okui2
Munenori Takaoka2
Tomoki Yamatsuji2
Nagio Takigawa2
2Tatsuo Okui
2Munenori Takaoka
2Tomoki Yamatsuji
2Nagio Takigawa
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treatment, thereby reducing the difference in treatment results among different institutions; (3) to reduce unnecessary costs and efforts; (4) help enable people to undergo treatment without anxiety. These guidelines provide only guidance on the indications for treatment and do not restrict or prohibit the use of any treatment deviating from those described(More)
  • Huifang Hao, Yutaka Maeda, Takuya Fukazawa, Tomoki Yamatsuji, Munenori Takaoka, Xiao-Hong Bao +12 others
  • 2013
Midkine (MDK) is a heparin-binding growth factor that is highly expressed in many malignant tumors, including lung cancers. MDK activates the PI3K pathway and induces anti-apoptotic activity, in turn enhancing the survival of tumors. Therefore, the inhibition of MDK is considered a potential strategy for cancer therapy. In the present study, we demonstrate(More)
Since the SOX2 amplification was identified in lung squamous cell carcinoma (lung SCC), SOX2 transcriptional downstream targets have been actively investigated; however, such targets are often cell line specific. Here, in order to identify highly consensus SOX2 downstream genes in lung SCC cells, we used RNA-seq data from 178 lung SCC specimens (containing(More)
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