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A 49-year-old woman underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopic examination for epigastric discomfort, revealing giant folds on the greater curvature of the stomach. Histological examinations of biopsy specimens taken from the giant folds showed signs of chronic inflammation, and Helicobacter pylori was also identified. She underwent first-step H. pylori(More)
A 79-year-old woman with symptomatic pyloric stenosis was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer. CT revealed that the tumor had invaded into the pancreatic head.Since no contraindications were found at laparotomy, we performed pancreatoduodenectomy. The histopathologic diagnosis was pT4b (panc), pN3a (11/35), P0, CY0, H0, M0, pStage ⅢC, R0. The patient(More)
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