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MPEG-2 decoding and encoding are important applications for multimedia systems. Real-time capability and low-cost implementation are the main design considerations for these systems. Due to the high computational requirements of real-time applications, multimedia systems typically use special-purpose processors to handle data. However, due to the inherent(More)
SUMMARY This paper describes an optical-flow processor core for real-time video recognition. The processor is based on the Pyramidal Lu-cas and Kanade (PLK) algorithm. It features a smaller chip area, higher pixel rate, and higher accuracy than conventional optical-flow processors. Introduction of search range limitation and the Carman filter to the(More)
— An adiabatic 1-kb SRAM circuit was designed, which enables gradual charging during writing and reading while maintaining a large VDD so that the problems of V T variation and electromigration in the nanocircuit can be resolved. In the writing mode, the voltage of the memory cell power line is reduced to ground gradually using a high-resistivity nMOSFET,(More)