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To determine whether the cyst fluid characteristics of endometrioma can be evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), 36 endometriomas obtained from 24 patients (age range 21-43 years; mean 34 years) were studied. MRI was performed < 2 weeks before laparoscopy or laparotomy. Comparative studies of the density and concentration of iron in the(More)
The effects of bisphosphonate treatment schedule on fracture healing have not previously been tested. We evaluated the effect of ibandronate dosing interval duration on healing following surgical “fracture” (osteotomy) using a rat femoral fracture model. Six-week-old rats (n = 160) underwent osteotomy and were then allocated into vehicle control (CNT) or an(More)
Introduction. Tumoral calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition disease (CPPDCD), also known as tophaceous calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease (CPDD), is a tumorlike lesion, and it should be distinguished from usual CPDD that causes severe joint inflammation and arthralgia. A case of tumoral CPPDCD of the wrist joint that required(More)
Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) occurs frequently in the humeral capitellum of the upper extremity, whereas OCD involving the trochlear groove (trochlear groove OCD) is rarely reported. A standard treatment for trochlear groove OCD has therefore not been determined, although several methods have been tried.The case of a 14-year-old male gymnast with(More)
RATIONALE For localized type Volkmann's contracture, in which degeneration of the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) muscle to one or two fingers and restriction of finger extension occur, dissection or excision of the affected muscle is usually recommended. However, these surgical procedures need relatively wide exposure of the muscle, because the FDP muscle(More)
We report a case of fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) presenting a transient ischemic attack (TIA) like Moyamoya disease. The patient, a 16-year-old woman, had recurrent attacks of right hemiparesis induced by hyperventilation. Neurological examinations revealed no abnormality. Angiography showed severe stenosis of both anterior cerebral arteries at the(More)
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