Yoshio Inasawa

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In the design of radio placement on the large outdoor environments, the huge calculation time of radio propagation estimation is critical matter. In order to shorten the calculation time, we are developing a simulator using vertical plane launch (VPL) technique which is known as speedy ray searching method. In this paper, we evaluate the calculation(More)
This paper presented that receiver correlation was lowered by using dual polarized antenna array in both the LOS and NLOS environments. In the LOS environment, the difference of the angle of polarization made no difference for both of the single and the dual polarization case, and the advantage of eigenvalues for dual polarization worked effectively. On the(More)
This paper describes the comparison of numerical and experimental results of the radiation and scattering characteristics of a tapered slot array antenna (TSA). The purpose of the comparison is to validate the effectiveness of a developed analysis technique based on the method of moments for broadband antennas. Since the radiation and scattering(More)