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The role of Ca2+-dependent cell-cell adhesion molecules, E- and P-cadherins, in the histogenesis of mouse embryonic lung was studied. All epithelial cells of the lung express both E- and P-cadherin at the early developmental stage. P-cadherin, however, gradually disappears during development, initially from the main bronchi and eventually from all(More)
A novel 150 kd protein expressed on the surface of mesenchymal cells of mouse embryonic tissues was identified. A monoclonal antibody to this molecule inhibited various processes of epithelial morphogenesis, such as hair follicle growth and lung epithelial tubular formation, in organ cultures of these tissues. Sequence analysis of cDNA encoding this protein(More)
In Drosophila elegans, partial sexual isolation has developed between the brown and black morphs, which are distributed allopatrically. The present study aims to understand how they discriminate between potential mates. Mating experiments show that the females of the two morphs differ in sexual signal(s) and the males discriminate using these differences.(More)
Nucleotide sequences of the internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1)–5.8S–ITS2 region of the nuclear ribosomal RNA gene were determined in the white-backed planthopper (WBPH) Sogatella furcifera (Horváth) to detect molecular variation among regional populations in Asia. We analyzed 932 sequences from 172 individuals (4–9 clones per individual) of 33 populations(More)
The original publication of the article is published in volume 47, 2012 pages ranging from 95 to 101. The ''six countries'' in the eighth line of abstract (page 95, left column) and in the third line of third paragraph (page 100, left column) should actually read as ''six regions''.
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