Yoshio Hayasaki

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We envision a laser-induced plasma technology in general applications for public use. If laser-induced plasma aerial images were made available, many useful applications such as spatial aerial AR, aerial user interfaces, volumetric images could be produced. This would be a highly effective display for the expression of three-dimensional information.(More)
We present a new method of rendering aerial haptic images that uses femtosecond-laser light fields and ultrasonic acoustic fields. In conventional research, a single physical quantity has been used to render aerial haptic images. In contrast, our method combines multiple fields (light and acoustic fields) at the same time. While these fields have no direct(More)
The proposed technique for optical neural networks can perform all the neural operations in a positive range. Bipolar weights of the neurons are represented by unipolar weights with a positive constant. By superposing the reversal inputs to the weighted sums, we can perform subtraction in a neuron by the nonlinear output function with a negative offset(More)
Carbapenems are often used to treat infections in obstetrics and gynaecology because of their activity against anaerobes. S-4661, a new injectable carbapenem antibiotic, has favourable pharmacokinetic properties and is not hydrolysed by dehydropeptidase I. We investigated the in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of S-4661 against strains of(More)
The OSA Topical Meeting "Digital Holography and 3D Imaging (DH)," was held in Seattle, Washington, July 13-17, 2014. Feature issues based on the DH meeting series have been released by Applied Optics (AO) since 2007. This year Optics Express (OE) and AO jointly decided to have one such feature issue in each journal. The DH meeting will continue in the(More)
Activity of lipase and chitinase immobilized on superparamagnetic particles subjected to a rotational magnetic field, PLoS One 8, e66528 (2013). Eco friendly route for synthesis of highly conductive graphene using extremophiles for green electronics and bioscience, Part. Part. nanoparticles as a catalyst: synthesis of a forest of vertically aligned CNTs of(More)
We use an interferometric time-resolved observation of a femtosecond-laser pulse interaction with glass from 100 fs to 10 ns at submicrometer spatial lateral resolution. The phase and amplitude images reveal sequence of events after the irradiation of a single ultra-short laser pulse at close-to-threshold intensity when permanent refractive index changes(More)
We demonstrate an optical profilometer composed of an optical frequency comb source, a single pixel camera, and an optoelectronic interferometer in radio frequecny range. The system enables us to measure an object with a large depth much more than a light wavelength. The wide dynamic range is achieved by the high stability of the RF signal. The single pixel(More)