Yoshio Hayasaki

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We envision a laser-induced plasma technology in general applications for public use. If laser-induced plasma aerial images were made available, many useful applications such as spatial aerial AR, aerial user interfaces, volumetric images could be produced. This would be a highly effective display for the expression of three-dimensional information.(More)
We present a new method of rendering aerial haptic images that uses femtosecond-laser light fields and ultrasonic acoustic fields. In conventional research, a single physical quantity has been used to render aerial haptic images. In contrast, our method combines multiple fields (light and acoustic fields) at the same time. While these fields have no direct(More)
A method for precise multi-spot parallel ultrafast laser material structuring is presented based on multi-beam interference generated by dynamic spatial phase engineering. A Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) and digitally programming of phase masks are used to accomplish the function of a multi-facet pyramid lens, so that the laser beam can be spatially(More)
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