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We have developed an automated method for measuring high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol in serum without prior separation, using polyethylene glycol (PEG)-modified enzymes and sulfated alpha-cyclodextrin. When cholesterol esterase and cholesterol oxidase enzymes were modified with PEG, they showed selective catalytic activities towards lipoprotein(More)
We measured six apolipoproteins (AI, AII, B, CII, CIII, and E) in the serum of patients with several kinds of neural diseases [diabetic neuropathy and neural degenerative disorders (motor neuron degenerative disorders, spinocerebellar degeneration, Parkinson's disease)], comparing them to the age-matched healthy controls using the immunoturbidimetric(More)
We measured six apolipoproteins (apo AI, AII, B, CII, CIII, and E) by turbidimetric method using an automatic discrete biochemical analyzer and commercially available antisera. The turbidimetric method was compared with the single radial immunodiffusion method. Linearity for serum apolipoprotein assay by the automated turbidimetric method was better than by(More)
We evaluated an immunoturbidimetric quantitation for serum myoglobin by the latex agglutination method using an automated biochemical analyzer. This method is rapid, specific, accurate, precise, and has wide dynamic range. The total assay time is 10 min and is performed at 37 degrees C with continuous monitoring at 570 nm. The assay results were compared(More)
We have developed a fully automated method for measuring LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) in human serum without the need for prior separation, using a nonionic surfactant, polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene block copolyether (POE-POP), and a sodium salt of sulfated cyclic maltohexaose, alpha-cyclodextrin sulfate. Of the surfactants tested, POE-POP with a higher(More)
Leptin has been proposed to be a key molecule involved in energy regulation. Based on the generally acknowledged concept that a heavier person has a higher bone density, leptin is thought to be potentially involved in bone metabolism. Serum leptin, various bone markers, and bone mineral density (BMD) were studied in 51 dialysis patients (26 men and 25(More)
A monoclonal solid-phase enzyme immunoassay has been developed for the detection of human serum ventricular myosin light chain-1. Cross-reactivity of this with human skeletal muscle myosin was observed, but the enzyme immunoassay with the sera of patients with acute myocardial infarction gave similar results with radioimmunoassay. The human ventricular(More)
We have developed a rapid method for the separation of plasma free fatty acids as their phenacyl esters by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) using a reversed-phase (C18) column. The derivatives of series of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (C12:0-C22:6) are simultaneously separated within 45 min and detected with ultraviolet at 241 nm.(More)