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Imaging of Rabbit VX-2 Hepatic Cancer by Cold and Thermal Neutron Radiography
Neutron radiography is based on differences in neutron mass attenuation coefficients among the elements and is a non-destructive imaging method. To investigate biomedical applications of neutronExpand
A phase-contrast X-ray imaging system—with a 60×30 mm field of view—based on a skew-symmetric two-crystal X-ray interferometer
Abstract A phase-contrast X-ray imaging system—with a 60×30 mm field of view—for biomedical observations was developed. To extend the observation field of view, the system is fitted with aExpand
High-energy phase-contrast X-ray imaging using a two-crystal X-ray interferometer.
To broaden the scope of phase-contrast X-ray imaging in biomedical applications, the energy of X-rays in a large-area imaging system using a two-crystal X-ray interferometer has been increased fromExpand
Interferometric X-Ray Imaging of Breast Cancer Specimens at 51 keV X-Ray Energy
The feasibility of the interferometric X-ray imaging technique is examined for revealing the features of breast cancer specimens. The interferometric X-ray imaging system consisted of anExpand
Microtomographic images of rat's lumbar vertebra microstructure using 30 keV synchrotron X-rays: an analysis in terms of 3D visualization
Abstract Microtomographic images of rat's lumbar vertebra of different age groups varying from 8, 56 and 78 weeks were obtained at 30 keV using synchrotron X-rays with a spatial resolution of 12 μm .Expand
In-vivo imaging of cancer implanted in nude mice by two-crystal interferometer-based phase-contrast X-ray computed tomography
Using the wave nature of X-rays, in-vitro phase-contrast X-ray imaging can clearly reveal the detailed inner structures of cancer in human and rabbit. In this study, using a newly developed imagingExpand
Abnormal retention of99mTc-TF in a hamster model of cardiomyopathy analyzed by99mTc-TF and125I-BMIPP autoradiography
Objective: Enhanced washout of99mTc-tetrofosmin (TF) has been reported in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Here, using quantitative dual-autoradiography, the relationship between TFExpand
Large‐Area Phase‐Contrast X‐ray Imaging System Using a Two‐Crystal X‐ray Interferometer—Development of an Interference‐Pattern‐Based Feedback Positioning System
To more accurately suppress the phase fluctuation of the interference beams of a large‐area phase‐contrast X‐ray imaging system using a two‐crystal X‐ray interferometer, a new feedback positioningExpand
[Phase-contrast x-ray imaging with x-ray interferometer for medical applications].
Phase-contrast x-ray imaging with x-ray interferometer can depict the minute difference within the biological object, and its sensitivity is about 1000 times higher than that of absorption-contrastExpand
SR biomedical imaging with phase-contrast and fluorescent x-ray CT
New synchrotron x-ray CT system with phase-contrast and fluorescent techniques are being developed for biomedical researches with the high-contrast and high-spatial resolution. We have applied theseExpand