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Imaging of Rabbit VX-2 Hepatic Cancer by Cold and Thermal Neutron Radiography
Hepatic vessels and VX-2 tumor were clearly observed by neutron radiography, especially by cold neutron imaging, and the image contrast of this modality was better than that of absorption-contrast X-ray radiography.
High-energy phase-contrast X-ray imaging using a two-crystal X-ray interferometer.
The energy of X-rays in a large-area imaging system using a two-crystal X-ray interferometer has been increased from 17.7 keV to 35 keV and a 25 mm x 30 mm interference pattern with 50% visibility was generated at the Photon Factory.
Interferometric X-Ray Imaging of Breast Cancer Specimens at 51 keV X-Ray Energy
The interferometric X-ray imaging technique can be considered to be an innovative technique for the early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer using an extremely low X-rays dose.
Abnormal retention of99mTc-TF in a hamster model of cardiomyopathy analyzed by99mTc-TF and125I-BMIPP autoradiography
Degree of retention abnormality on delayed TF image corresponded to the metabolic abnormality, probably due to mitochondrial dysfunction, depicted on BMIPP imaging.
In-vivo imaging of cancer implanted in nude mice by two-crystal interferometer-based phase-contrast X-ray computed tomography
Using the wave nature of X-rays, in-vitro phase-contrast X-ray imaging can clearly reveal the detailed inner structures of cancer in human and rabbit. In this study, using a newly developed imaging
Large‐Area Phase‐Contrast X‐ray Imaging System Using a Two‐Crystal X‐ray Interferometer—Development of an Interference‐Pattern‐Based Feedback Positioning System
To more accurately suppress the phase fluctuation of the interference beams of a large‐area phase‐contrast X‐ray imaging system using a two‐crystal X‐ray interferometer, a new feedback positioning
Coherence-contrast x-ray imaging based on x-ray interferometry.
A measurement principle and method of this technique are described, and a fine coherence-contrast image of a mouse leg is given as an example result.
SR biomedical imaging with phase-contrast and fluorescent x-ray CT
New synchrotron x-ray CT system with phase-contrast and fluorescent techniques are being developed for biomedical researches with the high-contrast and high-spatial resolution. We have applied these