Yoshinori Toshimitsu

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Ion-exchanger colorimetry with 1-(2-pyridylazo)2-naphthol (PAN) has been developed for the determination of nickel at the mug/l. level in natural water. With 1 litre of sample the detection limits are 1.3 x 10(-9)Mi.e., 0.077 mug/l. for fresh water and 5.8 x 10(-9)Mi.e., 0.34 mug/l. for sea-water. The distribution ratio is 5 x 10(4). Copper and zinc, which(More)
Ion-exchanger colorimetry for the microdetermination of bismuth(III) in water samples is described. The yellow bismuth-iodide complexes are specifically sorbed and concentrated on an anion-exchange resin in the sulphate form. The resin-phase absorbances at 492 and 700 nm are measured directly. Bismuth in the ppb-ppm range can be determined without(More)
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