Yoshinori Teshima

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In this paper, we introduce tactile graphics production software for three-dimensional projections. A blind person can use this software without assistance from the sighted and produce tactile graphics of three-dimensional projections. With this software, we want to study the limitation of tactile recognition of projections and improve the guidelines of(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel shape and physical attribute handling system Volume-CAD designated for practical and robust use in the manufacturing process of various industries. The internal data structure 'Kitta Cube' is formalized by CW-complexes. Complex is a structure consisting of different dimensional items with consistency (without gap or(More)
Dense packing of equal circles on a sphere is investigated. A systematic algorithm, the Minimum-Zenith Method (MZM), is proposed in this report. Started from a proper initial configuration, a circle is sequentially packed one by one so that the zenith angle is as small as possible. It is necessary to fix the size of the circle and some initial(More)