Yoshinori Teshima

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The causative substances for axillary osmidrosis, which are often found in apocrine sweat, are the decomposed/denatured products of short-chain fatty acid and other biological metabolite compounds produced by axillary-resident bacteria. Conventional underarm deodorants suppress the process of odour production mostly by the following mechanism: (1)(More)
In this paper, we introduce tactile graphics production software for three-dimensional projections. A blind person can use this software without assistance from the sighted and produce tactile graphics of three-dimensional projections. With this software, we want to study the limitation of tactile recognition of projections and improve the guidelines of(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel shape and physical attribute handling system Volume-CAD designated for practical and robust use in the manufacturing process of various industries. The internal data structure ‘Kitta Cube’ is formalized by CW-complexes. Complex is a structure consisting of different dimensional items with consistency (without gap or(More)
Dense packing of equal circles on a sphere is investigated. A systematic algorithm, the Minimum-Zenith Method (MZM), is proposed in this report. Started from a proper initial configuration, a circle is sequentially packed one by one so that the zenith angle is as small as possible. It is necessary to fix the size of the circle and some initial(More)
With the transition of the most fundamental data in manufacturing from drawings to three-dimensional (3D) CAD (Computer Aided Design) data, we are now able to fabricate products with beautiful curved surfaces, for example, automobiles, cellular phones, etc. However, current 3D CAD involves only shape data, which consequently poses certain difficulties in(More)