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Halogenated metabolites from the new Okinawan red alga Laurencia yonaguniensis.
A novel brominated diterpene based on the rare neoirieane skeleton, named neoirietetraol, has been isolated along with a halogenated C15 acetogenin from a new Laurencia species and showed weak antibacterial activities against two marine bacteria. Expand
Occurrence of bromoperoxidase in the marine green macro-alga, ulvella lens, and emission of volatile brominated methane by the enzyme
Results suggest that dibromomethane, which was reported to be released by U. lens and play an important role as the inducer of larval settlement and metamorphosis, is produced by bromoperoxidase in the alga. Expand
Brominated labdane-type diterpenoids from an Okinawan Laurencia sp.
From an unidentified species of Laurencia collected from Okinawan waters two novel brominated metabolites, 1 and 2, along with known halogenated compounds, 2,10-dibromo-3-chloro-alpha-chamigrene (3)Expand
An experimental approach to study the biosynthesis of brominated metabolites by the red algal genus Laurencia.
The present study strongly indicates that the use of radiobromine [(82)Br] in combination with the TLC-ARLG method is an effective approach for investigating the biosynthesis of brominated metabolites in Laurencia. Expand
Brominated metabolites from an Okinawan Laurencia intricata.
Itomanol was found to be a selinane-type bromosesquiterpenoid, and is the first example of a seLINane to be isolated from Japanese Laurencia species. Expand
Scanlonenyne, a novel halogenated C15 acetogenin from the red alga Laurencia obtusa in Irish waters
Abstract A novel halogenated acetogenin with a ketonic moiety at C-7, named scanlonenyne, has been isolated from the red alga Laurencia obtusa collected in Irish waters. Its structure was determinedExpand
Callicladol, a Novel Cytotoxic Bromotriterpene Polyether from a Vietnamese Species of the Red Algal Genus Laurencia
Callicladol, a novel brominated metabolite has been isolated from Laurencia calliclada Masuda sp. ined., a Vietnamese species of the red algal genus Laurencia. Its structure was deduced from spectralExpand
Crystal Structure and Absolute Stereochemistry of Neoirietetraol
The title compound, neoirietetraol (C20H34Br2O4), was isolated from the Okinawan red alga Laurencia yonaguniensis. The crystal belongs to space group P21 with cell dimensions a = 8.1048(1), b =Expand
Homogeneous catalytic system for reversible dehydrogenation-hydrogenation reactions of nitrogen heterocycles with reversible interconversion of catalytic species.
The first homogeneous catalytic system for the efficient reversible dehydrogenation-hydrogenation reactions of nitrogen heterocycles in one flask has been developed using the pyridonate Cp*Ir complexExpand
Synthesis of five-, six-, and seven-membered ring lactams by CpRh complex-catalyzed oxidative N-heterocyclization of amino alcohols.
A new effective catalytic system consisting of [CpRhCl(2)](2)/K(2)CO(3) (Cp = pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) for the lactamization of amino alcohols has been developed and a variety of five-membered benzo-fused lactams are synthesized. Expand