Yoshinori Soga

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Highly enantioselective gem-chlorofluorination of active methylene compounds was carried out by using a copper(II) complex of a chiral spiro pyridyl monooxazoline ligand. This reaction yielded α-chloro-α-fluoro-β-keto esters and α-chloro-α-fluoro-β-keto phosphonates with up to 92% ee. The resulting dihalo β-keto ester was converted into various(More)
Highly enantioselective chlorination of β-oxo esters and subsequent stereospecific substitution of tertiary chlorides are described. Enantioselective chlorination of β-keto esters and malonates was performed using a chiral Lewis acid catalyst prepared from Cu(OTf)(2) and the newly developed spirooxazoline ligand 2 to yield the desired α-chlorinated products(More)
In transgenic mice, recombinant DNAsmicroinjected into pronuclei of fertilized eggs are generally integrated into host chromosomes.1} The integration mechanism of microinjected DNA is not fully understood because of limited information concerning the structures of integrated foreign DNAs(transgenes) and their flanking chromosomalDNAs.Transgenes of a few(More)
The effect of palladium (Pd) addition to Ti-Ni alloy as the third element was investigated to improve the super-elasticity of the alloy castings at body temperature for dental application. Ti-50.8Ni (at %) alloy, which exhibited super-elasticity at 310 K in castings, was used for comparison. 5.0, 7.5, 10.0 and 15.0 at % Pd was added to Ti-50.0Ni alloy by(More)
A vortex crystal is a quasistationary, symmetric array of intense vortices (clumps). A low level of background vorticity is experimentally observed to assist three clumps in forming an equilateral triangle starting from initial positions on a linear array. The triangle constitutes a unit cell of a crystal in a many-vortex system. The background vortex curbs(More)
Elementary processes in free-decaying two-dimensional (2D) turbulence are examined by extensive analyses of fine structures in the density distribution of a magnetized pure electron plasma that is linearly unstable with the initial ring-shaped profile, deforms nonlinearly into patches of vortices, and relaxes into a single-peaked stable distribution via(More)