Yoshinori Sakurai

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A noncytotoxic dose of verapamil, a coronary vasodilator, enhances the cytotoxicity of vincristine (VCR) and vinblastine in P388 leukemia and its VCR-resistant subline, P388/VCR. When 2.2 to 6.6 microM verapamil was added along the VCR to the P388/VCR culture in vitro, VCR resistance was completely overcome. Verapamil in doses of 50 to 100 mg/kg(More)
We report a positron emission tomography study on reading of Japanese Kanji (morphograms) words, Kana (phonograms) words and Kana nonwords using statistical parametric mapping. Activity was more pronounced in the lateral fusiform gyrus (Area 37) in Kanji, in contrast to the greater activation in the middle and inferior occipital gyri (Areas 18 and 19) and(More)
  • Y Sakurai
  • The Journal of neuroscience : the official…
  • 1996
The objective of this study was to determine whether each of several different memory processes is encoded exclusively by specific single neurons (single-neuron coding) or by overlapped groups of neurons (population coding by cell assembly). Single neuronal activity was recorded from the rat hippocampal formation (CA1, CA3, dentate gyrus) and temporal(More)
A spontaneously metastatic variant (P-26-select) was selected from the murine colon adenocarcinoma 26 after repeated (26 times) cyclic in vivo passage of tumor cells from the lungs of mice bearing s.c. tumors. Clones were established from the cultured P-26-select cell line. These clones, the parent [P-no-select (culture cell line of colon 26 without in vivo(More)
Flt-1, also known as vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 (VEGFR-1), is a high-affinity tyrosine kinase receptor for VEGF and is expressed almost exclusively on vascular endothelial cells. As an exception, Flt-1 transcript was recently found to be expressed in human peripheral blood monocytes. However, the protein of the Flt-1 receptor on the cell(More)
We evaluated the alexia and agraphia of three patients with different lesions using Japanese kanji (morphograms) and kana (phonograms) and made a lesion-to-symptom analysis. Patient 1 (pure alexia for both kanji and kana and minor agraphia for kanji after a fusiform lesion) made more paragraphic errors for kanji, whereas patient 2 (alexia with agraphia for(More)
Recent studies reveal that multisensory convergence can occur in early sensory cortical areas. However, the behavioral importance of the multisensory integration in such early cortical areas is unknown. Here, we used c-Fos immunohistochemistry to explore neuronal populations specifically activated during the facilitation of reaction time induced by the(More)
Some calcium antagonists and calmodulin inhibitors enhance the intracellular levels of vincristine and Adriamycin in vincristine- and Adriamycin-resistant P388 leukemia cells by inhibiting their outward transport. The high intracellular drug accumulation was directly related to the enhancement of the cytotoxicity of the antitumor agents, and the vincristine(More)
This study reviews aneurysms of the proximal segment (A1) of the anterior cerebral artery in 38 patients (23 men and 15 women) and their surgical, angiographic, and clinical management. Thirty-seven aneurysms were saccular and one was fusiform. The incidence of A1 aneurysms among a total of 4295 aneurysm cases treated was 0.88%. Multiple aneurysms occurred(More)