Yoshinori MACHIDA

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We study the equation for improper (parabolic) affine spheres from the view point of contact geometry and provide the generic classification of singularities appearing in geometric solutions to the equation as well as their duals. We also show the results for surfaces of constant Gaussian curvature and for developable surfaces. In particular we confirm that(More)
The purpose of this study was to observe the vertical changes in unopposed maxillary first primary molars longitudinally. The subjects of this study were 17 children whose lower first primary molars had to be extracted. Space closure were prevented by crown-loop space maintainers for all these children. Plaster casts were made every 4 months for 16 to 24(More)
We give the generic classification on singularities of tangent surfaces to Legendre curves and to null curves by using the contact-cone duality between the contact 3-sphere and the Lagrange-Grassmannian with cone structure of a symplectic 4-space. As a consequence, we observe that the symmetry on the lists of such singularities is breaking for the(More)
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